Providing Services to People with Sensory Impairments
NOTICE: We are changing our name to the 
Sensory Impaired Guidance Network (SIGN)!
We help individuals who have hearing impairments (deafness, hard of hearing, auditory processing disorder), vision impairments (blindness, low vision) and sensory processing disorder (common in those with autism). We provide education, tools, and resources so our clients can move towards independence through health, safety, and productivity! Need help? Contact Us Interested in helping? Get Involved or Donate Now
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We are now accepting donations of camper trailers. We are also accepting volunteers to work on the project.

Update: We need the following items ASAP please let us know if you can donate them.
  • 2 Camper trailers
  • 1 ton pickup truck (Prefer Ford F150/F250 Diesel, Automatic)
  • Water trailer
  • Solar panel power system (we need more panels, batteries, and a charge controller)
  • Dual fuel generator
  • Unused sand bags
  • Rolls of barbed wire in good condition
  • More on our wishlist on amazon:  
The Orange Deafie Blog: Warning about money scam! Important. We do not give away money! We use the donations received to help our clients by providing programs and services.

Want Peaceful Dialogue With Police Officers? Check out the Driver Communication Assistance Kit!
Police officer next to pulled over car

Looking for something?
Please contact us, we have services that are not listed.

Support the work of the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center while you save.

What's New

Free tutoring!

15 minutes of free American Sign Language tutoring over Facebook Messenger video chat. All you have to do is sign up on this google form and we will contact you to schedule a time.

Fundraiser for the Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch for the Sensory Impaired
Helping the Sensory Impaired to Achieve the Greatest Degree of Independence

Our Service Animal Program has a new page!

Meet Doogie our Signing Dog!