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Providing the education, tools, and resources to those with hearing and visual sensory disabilities so that they may achieve independence through health, safety, and productivity.


Re-Inventing Advocacy. We are re-inventing community advocacy so people with sensory disabilities will have an equal opportunity to a healthy, safe, and productive life.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center seeks to help autistic individuals often affected by sensory processing disorders. Through developing programs the center will be able to assist autistic individuals with the skills needed to flourish in the world.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center seeks to develop a sustainable ranch where the deaf, blind, and autistic communities can live independently in California. Once established the ranch project will continue to serve the deaf, blind, and autistic communities by providing sustainable resources and ongoing education through therapy programs.



Federal Identification Number:  33-0806007

California Corporation Number: C2089125 

California Charitable Trust Registry Number: 112567

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